Enhancing your hearing the easy way

Enhancing your hearing the easy way

Hearing aids have come a long way. With our foray into the modern era, we now have a wider range of tools and resources to help us in our everyday lives. We have grown from foraging and rationing for aids, and reached a stasis where we now can alter and/or enhance our lives in terms that we see fit.

However, most of our lives are wound-up around the fact that we need proper care and concern for our health. Mankind has evolved to this point in our existence where we have all the creature comforts and benefits at our disposal- and yet, we are heavily dependent on our bodies functioning properly to be able to enjoy any of those resources. Our health becomes an asset if in good shape, or trouble if otherwise.

Out of all the things which begin to diminish for us with age, be it our dental health or eye sight, hearing loss is something which wrecks a compounding impact on our well-being. Loss of hearing not only impacts us physically with diminished sense of hearing and being more prone to falling, it also leaves us isolated and cut-off from the people around us, affecting us mentally as well.

Moreover, not all hearing loss is associated with progressive old age. There are often instances where the hearing is impacted from injuries or infections in the ear. Several cases of hearing loss have been found where the person suffers from compounded damage to the skull, thereby impacting hearing adversely.

Prolonged exposure to loud noises, and improper usage of hearing devices can also result in short-to-long term hearing issues.
Alcohol usage and substance use has also been linked to diminishing hearing in younger people.

Nevertheless, the situation does not have to be all bleak for you, if you feel that your hearing strength is not what it was previously.

With the technology improving our lives in every facet, it is natural that you shall be catered to a wide array of solutions for your requirements in hearing aids– customizable and fit to your individual needs.

We at Hionec bring forth this ideology that enhanced hearing and proper hearing aids and hearing amplifiers should be available to all those who need it, readily.


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How can you enhance your hearing?

Caring for your body and health can be a certified way of ensuring that your hearing remains fighting fit for the time to come.

Proper diet, lesser stress and adequate sleep is just what the doctor ordered to have your ears responding to the sounds around you, the way they should.

Of course, there are several things that you can do, to have a smoother experience in caring for your hearing-

  • Being cautious of loud noises: Did you know that continued exposure to loud noises and prolonged exposure to such environments where noise is high is one of the most leading causes of hearing damage. Fortunately, this is also the most preventable of the lot, as you can limit your exposure time and intensity to such loud noises to ensure that your hearing is not impacted due to it.Turning down the volume on your music devices and using earplugs in work environments can help you tide over this little debacle.
  • Taking medications in moderation: Side effects to most commonly available medications include hearing loss and diminished hearing- and is often difficult to pinpoint the cause in this case. Using the medications in moderation might benefit your overall health, along with your hearing.
  • Moisture and infections go hand-in-hand: Several instances of hearing loss are linked to infection in the ear canal, and can often deteriorate the overall health of the person. Keeping your ears clean and dry can be the first line of defense in preventing infections.
  • Smoking does more than just kill: Smokers have double the risk of deafness and loss of hearing, when compared to non-smokers living in a similar environment and working conditions. Nicotine and carbon monoxide, present in the cigarette smoke disrupts the mineral balance in the blood, leading to several disorders, one of which is loss of hearing.Tinnitus, a condition where there is a constant buzzing and ringing in the ear at all times, is also directly worsened due to excessive smoking.
  • Fight the wax: Build-up of wax is a natural defense mechanism for the ears, and it helps in fighting foreign particles, infection and bacterial growth. However, several times, the build-up of wax is over-stimulated and leads to a person registering muffled sounds from the surroundings.Clean-up of this wax must be done cautiously, as any damage to the ear lining or the ear drum can cause long-term issues with hearing. Contrary to the popular usage, cotton-swabs and other small objects which we readily use for cleanup, are to be avoided at all costs. Using water sprays and consulting a doctor is a much better option for having your ears cleaned.
  • Vitamins are your friend: Using the prescribed minerals and vitamins can greatly improve the health of your body- in turn making your ears and hearing better. Regular exercise paired with supplement intake can help you reduce the loss of hearing by making the components of the ear function more efficiently.Magnesium in micro doses in your diet aids nerve function and helps your ears process the sound better. Zinc keeps the microscopic hair cells in shape, keeping the hearing intact for longer. Such supplements also improve your overall immunity, and help keep ear infections at bay.

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What to do if the natural methods do not work for you for your hearing loss?

Often, one shall find that the above mentioned ‘natural’ methods for prevention and mitigation of hearing loss does not benefit them to a greater extent. The loss of hearing may have progressed to a stage where simply the preventive measures for controlling hearing loss do not give you the required results.

In such a scenario, the most logical and beneficial way to fight the loss of hearing is to use simple devices such as hearing aids and hearing amplifiers.

These smart, simply machines are designed to cater to the needs of the person who suffers from loss of hearing, irrespective of the cause of such hearing loss.

The hearing aids and amplifiers work in a simple manner- they detect the sound around a person and amplify it using the on-board electronic circuits, and then transmit it to the inner ear. This whole process is done within the device with virtually no-delay and is a safe, easy-to-use method to enhance your hearing.


Points to consider before buying hearing amplifiers

While the market is flooded with all kinds of hearing devices and amplifiers, you should be choosing a hearing aid which fits your requirement, while also providing you with the hearing solution you need.

There are several factors to consider before you finalize on a particular hearing amplifier-

  • Lifestyle needs and hearing aids: Often, people in today’s day and age need devices which are tailored to their niche needs. Hearing aids, on use, become an integral part of your being- as you end up using them at all times, except when going off to bed. Thus, it becomes necessary to consider your lifestyle manner, and choose a hearing device which fits into it seamlessly.For people who are more subject to the outdoors and such relevant activities, the ear aid must be such that it accommodates the wear and tear, along with dust, moisture and usage. Others, who are more likely to be use the hearing aids indoors, would want a device which improves their ability to hear into conversations without the bothersome background noise.

    Hence, choosing the kind of hearing aid becomes crucial, as it has to complement you in every step.

  • Features and technology: With each update on the technology, almost all of our devices undergo a change for the better. Hearing aids and amplifiers are no exception.Several aids in the market are buffed with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, and music streaming. Others allow you to instantly answer phone calls and connect the hearing aid to your phone. There are also devices which allow for active noise cancellation, and are often the preferred set of devices used by industry workmen and professionals. You might want to evaluate your use from the device, and then choose from the kinds available for you.
  • The most crucial: Cost: Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a hearing aid and amplifier, the weight it would wean on your pocket- and how must of a cost is justified for your hearing needs? On the whole, the hearing aid market would have you show products which are several thousands of dollars- and such steep devices require just as much care when used.However, with the advent of technology, one can get reliable, user-friendly devices for a much lower price. Not everything which is good must be costly. So, consider your overall usage and plan a budget for hearing aids and amplifiers accordingly. With the open market around you, it would be easy to obtain a device which suits your needs, and is within your budget.

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Hionec aims to provide you with the best-in-class hearing aids and amplifiers, suitable to your unique needs. We pride ourselves in catering to your customized requirements from hearing devices, and help you regaining the peace of mind you deserve.

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